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The Actors: Matt Damon on Fame and the ‘Bourne’ Franchise

Promise Land star Matt Damon reveals why he turned down the most recent installment of the Bourne franchise and what it was like when going through a period without work. “It was sobering. It didn’t really feel like a rough ride at the time. I did have a couple of movies that didn’t work and some of them had big enough budgets that people cared and so basically my phone just stopped ringing” said the Academy Award-winning actor.


Sunday September 23rd, 2012 · by Annie

Promised Land Trailer

In August, Focus Features surprised many Oscar prognosticators by setting “Promised Land” for release on Dec. 28. The decision could make the new drama a major awards player, if only because of its pedigree: Matt Damon and John Krasinski wrote the screenplay (from a story by Dave Eggers) and Gus Van Sant directs. The first film co-written by Damon and a fellow actor that Van Sant directed was “Good Will Hunting.” (The pair, along with Casey Affleck, also collaborated on “Gerry,” but you can forget about that one for now.)

For those still not convinced of “Promised Land’s” Oscar bona fides, Focus has released a new trailer for the film that manages to both highlight the human drama and timeliness of its story. Damon stars as a natural gas company salesman who tries to convince the denizens of a rural town to sell their farms for the purposes of fracking. Some agree, but not Krasinski, playing a well-meaning farmer, nor Hal Holbrook’s wizened town elder, a role that many are marking for an Oscar nomination.

Whether “Promised Land” makes a big push for Oscar is obviously to be determined, but the film — which combines elements of “Good Will Hunting,” “Michael Clayton” and “Erin Brockovich” — should certainly be an audience favorite, especially if this new trailer is any indication. Watch above, or head over to Apple to check out “Promised Land” in HD.


Wednesday November 2nd, 2011 · by Annie

New Trailer for We Bought a Zoo

The International trailer for We Bought a Zoo is out! Enjoy!

Director/Writer: Cameron Crowe
Cast: Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson, Elle Fanning
Release date: December 23, 2011

Tuesday September 6th, 2011 · by Annie

Contagion TV Spot #8

Another TV Spot for Contagion, opening in US this Friday, the 9th!

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Thursday September 1st, 2011 · by Annie

Margaret Trailer & Screencaps

The trailer for Margaret is finally out, the movie starring Matt Damon, Anna Paquin, Mark Ruffalo, was filmed a few years ago and is being released in September 30.

The plot:

A young woman (Paquin) witnesses a bus accident, and is caught up in the aftermath, where the question of whether or not it was intentional affects many people’s lives.

Screencaps (big thanks to Luciana from Mark Ruffalo Central)

Wednesday August 31st, 2011 · by Annie

Contagion Interview

A wild bald Matt Damon appears. Another interview with Matt Damon about the film Contagion. Parts 1 and 2 below.

Saturday August 27th, 2011 · by Annie

Contagion TV Spots & Matt Damon Interview

Some TV Spots, B-Rolls Videos and an Interview from All in preparation for Contagion which opens September 9th!

Click to view them all, quite a bunch of them!

Continue Reading

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Saturday August 6th, 2011 · by Annie

Contagion TV Spots has posted some Contagion TV Spots.

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Wednesday July 13th, 2011 · by Annie

Contagion Trailer

The first Contagion trailer is out, check it out:

“Contagion” follows the rapid progress of a lethal airborne virus that kills within days. As the fast-moving epidemic grows, the worldwide medical community races to find a cure and control the panic that spreads faster than the virus itself. At the same time, ordinary people struggle to survive in a society coming apart.

The movie is set to be released on September 9th.

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Wednesday July 13th, 2011 · by Annie

First Contagion Footage

Entertainment Tonight will have a Contagion preview on today’s show. Here’s the bit from last night

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