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Matt Damon will guest star on the next episode of House Of Lies “2×04”. The episode airs this sunday on Showtime at 10pm ET/PT. More info on the official website.
The synopsis for the episode:

When Hollywood superstar Matt Damon drops by Galweather-Stearn and tasks them to find him a charity to enhance his image, Marty discovers he may have to go further than he wants to. Jeannie spends rare down time with Roscoe, while Tessa presses Monica about their relationship status.

Again, thanks to Kaci for the pictures.

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  • 02.09,.13
    Posted by Annie

    Matt Damon will be on the February 10th episode os House of Lies, titled “”.

    Thanks Sean for the heads up!

    Posted by Annie

    Matt is gonna be making an appearance as himself on the Showtime series “House of Lies”, which second season is premiering this sunday, 13th.

    Matt is gonna be playing himself employing the House of Lies team in helping him start a charity to compete with George Clooney.

    Still no date of when the episode is airing, I’ll be posting when I know.

    Posted by Annie