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Matt Damon and Emily Blunt learn that their fate may be in the hands of a mysterious organization in ‘The Adjustment Bureau,’ in theaters March 4, and we have a first look behind the scenes at what Emily calls a “brain-melting experience”!

“They’re kind of a timeless group of people who are essentially guardian angels,” says Matt of the title organization. “There’s a master plan written in a language that our brains couldn’t possibly comprehend. … If somebody’s kind of going off-plan a little bit, they give them a little adjustment.”

Based on a Philip K. Dick story, ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ casts Matt as David Norris, an ambitious politician on the brink of winning a seat in the U.S. Senate. When he meets beautiful ballet dancer Elise Sellas, he is instantly smitten — and the course of his future changes, prompting the Adjustment Bureau to intervene, no matter what the cost.

“He was only meant to meet this woman Elise that one time, because it’s not in the plan for them to be together – but David is completely obsessed with her,” explains Matt.

Emily adds, “I think it speaks volumes about the attraction that these two people really have for each other, that he’s willing to risk a lot for her.”

Of the mysterious organization that controls their fate, she adds, “I think it must be such a brain-melting experience to come across an idea of The Adjustment Bureau, let alone to be confronted in a physical sense by this bigger force than you ever imagined. … There’s something ominous about them in how human they are.”

Working together has made the thriller that much more fun for Matt and Emily. The Brit actress says of her co-star, “He’s an instantly likable guy. He’s sort of an impossibly awesome guy. We hit it off instantly,” while Matt smiles, “I can just ride on her coattails – she’s got talent to spare.”


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