Saturday September 22nd, 2007 · by Annie

Bourne again in ten years.

In an interview Matt Damon said:

“I would be shocked if there was another movie,” he says. “I know the studio wants to do it. The only reason that I can’t promise is if Paul Greengrass came to me in 10 years and said, ‘Listen, I have a way to do a fourth movie that speaks to the world we’re in today’. Then I’d go, ‘OK, this doesn’t corrupt the trilogy’.”

Quite old Bourne it’d be.

Just a lil’ memo from me: The Bourne movies are book adapaions. There is one book left, The Bourne Legacy.

If you are anyway interested in reading the whole long interview, it is here.

One thought on “Bourne again in ten years.

  1. rebekah
    Posted on December 22nd, 2008

    matt you should play in fourth movie it would be so awesome

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