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There aren’t a lot of news about Matt noe, except that The Ultimatum opens tomorrow in Portugal (can’t wait to see!).

That’s why Annie and especially me are trying to update the site and get on old stuff that was missed before.

It will probably mean less updates but a higher quality site.

Stay tuned!

Posted by Annie

3 Comments on “Maintenance… (sorta)

  1. Angel

    You reminded me of my husband. A handsome guy…

  2. Aubre'

    Matt Damon was here in Moweaqua, IL filming the Informant!!! We moved off our front porch so they could film and stood out in the rain 4 4 hours and he signed autographs 4 a whole 3 mins.!!! I am very dissapointed!!! Way to spend my mothers day!!!

  3. Morissa

    Hi Matt

    I would like to say great job with the Bourne movies, I think that you are a great actor and you are also very HOT HOT HOT, keep up the good work. Hope to see you in my dreams every night since you are got married without consulting me first (SMILE), I have no choice but to just watch every movie that you are in and dream from a far

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